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An upscale salon has never ending list of services. The purpose lies in enhancing you to your finest.

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Male haircut
Rs. 200
Male haircut With Head Wash
Rs. 250
Female haircut
Rs. 590
Female Head wash and Blow-dry
Rs. 500
Female Head Wash
Rs. 250
Hair Ironing
Rs. 800
Hair tong Curls
Rs. 1000
designer Hair style bun
Rs. 1500
normal Hair bun
Rs. 500
Open Hairstyle With Curls
Rs. 1000
female Trimming without wash
Rs. 250
Female Normal Hairspa
Rs. 1000
Female Luxury Spa
Rs. 2500
Long length Hairspa
Rs. 1500
Hair Treatment
Rs. 3500
Luxury hair treatment
Rs. 4500
Female Normal Global Hair Colour
Rs. 4500
Female Fashion shade Haircolor
Rs. 5500
Smoothning Normal Length
Rs. 5000
Smoothning Normal Length 2
Rs. 7000
Smoothning Medium Length
Rs. 9000
Smoothning Long Length 1
Rs. 10000
Smoothning Long Length 2
Rs. 12000
Straight Therapie Normal Length 1
Rs. 10000
Straight Therapie Medium Length
Rs. 13000
Straight therapie Long length
Rs. 15000
Keratin Normal Length
Rs. 6000
Keratin Medium Length
Rs. 8000
Keratin Long Length
Rs. 10000
Mens Normal Hair Colour
Rs. 1180
Mens Ammonia Free Hair color
Rs. 1550
Mens Hair Treatment
Rs. 1200
Mens Luxury Hair Treatment
Rs. 2500
Mens Smoothning
Rs. 3500
Mens High Light Per Streak
Rs. 250
Mens Silver Colour
Rs. 3000
Female Balayge Hair color
Rs. 7000
Mens Hairspa Normal
Rs. 700
botox treatment
Rs. 7000