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From the time, we share β€œHello!” and wave β€œGood Bye!” you are our main focus. We truly listen to what you are requesting along with giving you our honest and educated feedback. We bring to our clients the most updated styles, current trends and quality products through continued education, passion and experience. Our goal is to become your personal Hair & Skin Consultant.
Damini Gupta

Crop's & Bobber's Team

The professionals and trained squad would guarantee a smooth, fluid and cohesive salon experience for you. Our expertise stays in the beauty you pose with!

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You Will Like To Look Like Goddes Every Day!

An upscale salon has never ending list of services. The purpose lies in enhancing you to your finest.

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Salon is not only hair and make up. It is where you jazz yourself up, bloom with style and are ready to shine in glamour. Here's what our customers have to say.